The dawn of a new blog

September 7, 2009

So this is me jumping into the pool. Head first. No turning back. Taking the plunge.

Right there, did you see what I did? Those sentence fragments above signal the beginning of my life as a blogger. I’ve joined the dark side and am now officially a card-carrying member of web 2.0 for all the world to read. Someday this will come back and haunt me. Someone will say “I can’t believe you said that,” and then they’ll point to this post as indelible proof.

It’s funny really. I’ve never been an “early adapter,” but I’ve never been the last one on board either. Didn’t get my first computer until the summer after high school. Didn’t get a cell phone until the last semester of college. I only joined Facebook and Myspace for work (I was an IT recruiter and we used the sites to check up on applicants). Heck, I didn’t get mobile-web on my phone until this past summer. But here I am, on the forefront of technology.

We are living in a digital world
And I am a digital girl… er guy… uh, you get the point.

To be completely honest, I’ve done a few blogs in the past, but that was before my life was enveloped with technology the way it currently is. And that was also during a sad period when I actually used Myspace.

For shame!

(I hear it’s still kicking butt as far as total users, but slowly and quietly everyone I know made the transition over to the simpler and calmer world of Facebook before deleting their Myspace account completely). But if you really want to find my 3 or 4 earlier blog posts and are a pretty good hacker, I’m sure you can find them in the Myspace graveyard.

But I digress…

Since this is my “first” blog post let’s take a look at how my life has become one living, breathing social media webisode and list all the sites I’m now a member/user/blogger. (2 accounts… one personal, one professional)

Google Docs

That’s a lot of passwords to keep track of, believe me. Add that to Facebook, three separate email addresses, two fantasy football leagues along with Elon’s Blackboard and Ontrack… and you’ve got a pretty complicated virtual world.

I suppose that’s enough rambling by me this evening. Future posts will probably be more professional. Might even use complete sentences. But for now I’m happy with this.

Alright, where can I find a towel to dry off.



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One response to “The dawn of a new blog

  1. steveearley

    So, blogging is the dark side, huh? Everywhere I go people tell me I’m on the dark side. When I made the leap from reporting to copy editing I was welcomed to the dark side. And I always thought PR was the dark side.

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