One Web Day Video: the future of the Internet

Hey everybody,

I’m Kevin burrows. I am a grad student at Elon University where we’ve got a brand new Master’s of Interactive Media program this year. I’m here to talk to you about just how the Internet has changed my life. Obviously it’s had a huge impact around the world… well that is the biggest understatement you’ve heard today.  But in honor of One Web Day and the Internet’s fortieth birthday, I’m here to talk about how it’s changed my life and where I see it going.


Everyone’s got it. I actually have four separate email accounts. When people think of the Internet, they think of email. It’s actually so much more than that. Since coming back to Elon I’ve seen so many great web tools for education. The possibilities that are out there are endless.

Shared Copy

This is one of the coolest things I’ve seen since coming back to school. We’re using it in one of my courses here. It allows us all to comment on a certain article. We can leave our notes on the margins and then comment on other people’s comments. It’s a great way to read and learn and it’s only available in an online medium. Where else can you think of being able to have that same type of learning experience?

Are you in to software? There is a great tool called if you are looking to learn pretty much any type of design package imaginable. Here it is. You can look up tutorials by software, subject, author etc. The possibilities are endless. It’s pretty amazing. Those are just of the tools that I have found that are pretty new in the grand scheme of things.

How else has the Internet affected me?

I’m now a blogger, which I would have never pegged myself as 4 or 5 years ago. I always thought of myself as a “professional journalist,” but blogging is the new generation and does not have that negative connotation it once had. On top of that, I am now a micro-blogger. I’ve got two twitter accounts… one personal and one professional. Those are just a few ways that the internet has affected me.

So where is it going? What’s next? That’s the big question right? Honestly, I don’t know. It’s amazing. I look at the Internet right now as a new frontier. Almost like the Wild West. There are all these new reinventions that are changing the way we live our lives. From our day to day, to how we work and how we learn. It’s really an exciting to be alive. To be on this cusp of a new revolution. And that revolution is going to be online; there is no way around it.

I say let’s ride this wave. Let’s see where it goes. To the internet and its first forty years. Let’s hope the next forty are just as impactful.


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  1. Janna

    Hey Kevin, I enjoyed your comments and your video work on this assignment!

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