One Web Day Redux


Here I am conducting a survey during One Web Day 2009 on campus at Elon University

September 22, 2009….

A date otherwise known as “One Web Day” in the world of interactive media. You see, today marks the 40th birthday of the Internet. With it comes the once-a-year celebration of the Web.  Started in 2006 by Susan Crawford, currently Obama’s  Special Assistant for Science, Technology, and Innovation Policy, the idea of One Web Day is growing each year.

This year’s theme was “One Web. For All.” That message, along with ideas like network neutrality among ISPs as well as the continued growth of the web, from the remote hills of North Carolina to the far corners of the world, were echoed today at Elon University’s “College Coffee.” During the weekly get together of the Elon community, as students, faculty and staff munched away on doughnuts and coffee, the iMedia students made their presence felt. From groups canvasing the crowd conducting surveys to others filming and taking photographs, the idea of One Web Day was inescapable for those in attendance.

The Survey being conducted included these five questions: (See how you do)

1. In what year was the World Wide Web proposed by Tim Berners-Lee?


2. What is the most important vital issue for the future of the Internet?


3. Approximately what percentage of the world has Internet access?


4. What percentage of North Carolinians have Internet access from their homes?


5. How much time do you use the Internet on your cellular phone daily?

Less than 5 minutes
5-15 minutes
15-30 minutes
30-45 minutes
Over 45 minutes
The answers are:
  1. 1990
  2. (subjective)
  3. 25%
  4. (subjective)
  5. 61%
Overall, it was a great day to be part of One Web Day, along with the emerging field of interactive media. Celebrating all that is great about the Web only increases the value the medium, and consequently, what we do during our time in graduate school and beyond. So to all of you Web junkies out there,take a moment to look around to see what we’ve all created… and marvel at what could be in the future.

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  1. andersj

    Looking good, Kevin!

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