My love/hate relationship with Flash

This is one of those days.

The stress is mounting.

Deadlines are hanging above my head like a black cloud.

As an aspiring interactive media professional, all I really want to do right now is this:

You see, the Adobe program Flash is currently the bane of my existence. While it’s possibilities are endless, the learning curve is pretty steep. As I sit in this Mac lab, it’s the Newman to my Jerry. It’s the Johnny Lawrence to my Daniel Larusso. It is why I won’t be getting any sleep tonight along with, I’m guessing, many nights in the upcoming months.

But here’s the rub.

As much as I hate Flash right now, I also know I can’t live without it. It’s my meal ticket. It’s Cagney to my Lacey. It’s the game of basketball to my Jesus Shuttlesworth. In short, it’s my future.

What made me come to this moment of clarity regarding Flash–the epiphany that told me there’s no getting around it– was this BBC article talking about how Flash is heading to Smart phones. Here are some of the highlights:

•Flash software is used to deliver around 75% of online video and is the key technology that underpins YouTube and Google Video.

•Until now, many smartphones and netbooks have used a “light” version of the program, because of the limited processing power of the devices.

•The new software, Flash 10.1 as it is known, is intended to work as well on smart phones as it does on desktop PCs.

•Adobe said it should be available on most higher-end handsets by 2010, although Apple’s iPhone would continue not to use the software.

•Flash Lite is currently installed in around 40% of all new mobile phones and will continue to be offered on lower-end handsets, Adobe said.

•A recent report by CCS Insight predicted that by the end of 2009 44% of mobile users will access data via their handsets, whilst smart phones are expected to account for around 17% of the more than one billion handsets shipped during 2009, according to forecasts.

Those are some pretty impressive numbers.

So, I’m on board. I want a piece of that pie.

Who needs sleep anyway right?

While it’s currently the reason I want to pull my hair out in frustration, I’m not quitting. With any luck, Flash will be the reason I’ll be spending countless late nights in front of a computer screen for years to come.

OK, back to work.

I’m gonna go all Will Hunting on this program.

Remember me when your interacting with my Flash site on your smart phone next year.



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One response to “My love/hate relationship with Flash

  1. andersj

    You expressed the views of SO many people with this post. I hope it was cathartic for you to write about it!

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