Try Blogging On Fridays.

No really, try it.

It’s much harder than you think.

I mean, do people even blog on Fridays?

If so, how do they do it?

Because I would surely like to know.

Sitting here, I’m racking my brain thinking about the blog sites I read on a daily basis, and I’m hard pressed to find a new blog post written on this, the 6th day of the week.

Like me, most bloggers probably have a switch in their brain that simply shuts off on Friday afternoon… some time around 3pm.

My theory is that all sense and rational thought are pretty much thrown out the window and replaced with day dreams of college football, sleeping in and/or Saturday morning cartoons.

Actually… do they still show Saturday morning cartoons anymore… or are kids playing their Wii and/or Nintendo DS instead?

friday-boxCraig and Smokey were on to something… it’s pretty hard to put out a productive and informative blog on a Friday

(If you ask me, the period in late 80’s/early 90’s was the ultimate time for Saturday Morning Cartoons. The Smurfs? Captain Caveman? Garfield and friends? And for my money, the best SMC ever,  The Gummy Bears.

Why you ask?… Well, let me explain.

1. They lived in a network of Trees.

2. The show was set during the middle ages… the best of the “ages.”

3. They drank a red potion to get super powers.

4. Oh, and they just happened to share a name with a sweet sugary snack that also happened to be awesome.

Talk about a quadruple threat. But I digress…)

So, rather than expound about the about some interesting things I learned this week, such as TweetMeme Metrics or the rationale for branding Bing as the “decision engine,” I’m going to tap out.

I got nothin.

Brain’s empty.

Tomorrow I hit the library to continue on the path to acquiring a Masters in Interactive Media.

As for tonight–Friday night–I think I’ll take a nap.



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One response to “TBOF

  1. colleencallahan

    I’m going through everyone’s blog trying to decide on my top 5. . . and this post alone earns a spot on the list!

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